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 a loveletter to LIES!

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PostSubject: a loveletter to LIES!   Sun May 15, 2011 9:41 am

My dearest Lies,

Oh beautiful angel! How I yearn for your velvet touch and how my lips burn for your moist kiss which is sweeter then the nectar which drips from the earth's most beautiful flower.

With sensual velvet kisses, with flames of passion, with lustful burning eyes I bathe this canvas in my love-soaked thoughts for you, and only you.

What person in their sane mind could resist your beautiful multi-coloured eyes which look like modern art masterpieces. I'm not saying your ugly, because those paintings can be awful sometimes (just look at at pic-asso!). I mean it in the sense that your eyes are very dazzling and bright!

Your stunning black hair is something to be admired by all. I love the way it shines in the sun like a pool of freshly laid tar. I know tar stinks, but your hair doesn't, darling.

I simply adore going out to the local cafe with you, and just sitting there talking and having a coffee. Its great when we get into heated debates about pointless things like granary bread, or the amount of sugar contained in those little paper sachets. I love it how you always insist you are right, even though all the evidence is against you, and you get all heated and flustered if I try to prove you wrong. Darling you look sooo cute when you are angry, did I ever tell you that?!

Words alone cannot express how unique my love is for you. I love you, and you only, I swear that to you my love ....having said that I do love my mobile phone which I use to run my life with. Its kinda cute how you always threaten to shove it up my rear whenever I get 2000 text messages which somehow always seems to occur when we are out on a date together, but thats not important right now! (But if you ever see me drooling over it, then it is important, unless you get mad because I am not giving you any attention)

I have to tell you one thing though. I really do love your bum. I think that is the most amazing part of you, and is the most amazing thing on this planet! God, I wish I could do nothing but stare at your beautiful bum all day (besides eating, drinking and sleeping of course). That would be pure heaven for me!

Anyway darling, I must depart now. I really can't wait to see you again, especially if you are gonna be wearing sexy Pink underwear for me! Go on, surprise me! I've often wondered what you would look like wearing those, and many a nights have gone by where I would sit and fantasise about you wearing Pink underwear and I would have no need to watch music videos any more.

I pray for the day when I can greedily lick your scented lips and drink from your ravishing yet poisonous eyes, once more, my love.

Forever and eternally yours and yours only,



Yes, this is generated Smile
Happy Nadeloving!
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PostSubject: Re: a loveletter to LIES!   Sun May 15, 2011 10:52 am

cute That What She Said
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PostSubject: Re: a loveletter to LIES!   Sun May 15, 2011 12:51 pm

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
Isn't having a smoking section in a restaurant like having a peeing section in a swimming pool?
How come you never see a billboard being put up by the highway?
How much deeper would the ocean be if sponges didn't grow in it?
Why do psychics ask your name?
Do the English people eat English muffins, or are they just called muffins?
If an ambulance is on its way to save someone, and it runs someone over, does it stop to help them?
Why do people never say "it's only a game" when they're winning?
If money doesn't grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

Why is CryHarder posting loveletters in our clan forum?

so many questions....
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PostSubject: Re: a loveletter to LIES!   Sun May 15, 2011 12:53 pm

LOL CryHarder

Im not chick LOL funnypost

Im Not a liar just because my name infers i am one-LieS
"A friend to all is a friend to none."-Aristotle
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PostSubject: Re: a loveletter to LIES!   

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a loveletter to LIES!
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