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 For Those Interested In Reviewing Demos

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PostSubject: For Those Interested In Reviewing Demos   Sat May 14, 2011 8:23 pm

are you tired of having to enter "r_shownormals" every time into your console to cheack for WH's in demos?
is so here a script for you!

/=========== Shownormals Toggle ==================================================================================================
set shownor_off      "r_shownormals 0; wait 15; ut_echo ^1SHOWNORMALS: OFF;set shownor vstr shownor_on"
set shownor_on      "r_shownormals 1; wait 15; ut_echo ^1SHOWNORMALS: ON;set shownor vstr shownor_off"
set shownor        "vstr shownor_off" //default
bind KP_ENTER "vstr shownor"
just copy and paste into your autoexec.cfg

thnx WrH:D

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For Those Interested In Reviewing Demos
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