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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Clan Rules Icon_minitimeMon Apr 18, 2011 11:17 am

EVERY member of the SweetK!llz Clan has to follow these RULES, if not the member will get punishments, even up to being thrown out of the clan.

§1. Clan Tag, Aliases:
§1.1 Be proud of your Clan tag (Sk|). If you remove this tag, you can NOT be recognized as a SweetK!llz-Clan-Member, so you will be treated like a usual player. Clan members who are using the clan tag should use their original nickname.

§1.2 The nickname (with clan tag) in the game must be the same as the login name on the forum. To change your nickname the clan member needs to send a Private Message to one of the clan management, which in turn will take your request in consideration. If the request is granted by a reply, the nickname and forum name will have to be changed by the clan member him/her self within 3 days.

§2. Behavior in the clan:
§2.1 Be courteous to other clan members, likewise be helpful to non-clan members. Do not insult ANY player with racist, sexist and other hurtfull names and/or suggestions. Don't be annoying, don't swear too much etc..

§2.2 Be ACTIVE in the forum, in the IRC and on our server. Because of an inactivity period of longer than 3 weeks, the clan member will be demoted one step down, which implies that the clan tag has to be changed/removed.

§2.3 If you know of an upcoming inactivity period of yours, just PM a member of the management, so that no demotion will occur.

§2.4 We do NOT clan stack on other public servers.

§2.5 We dont tolerate Multi-Clanning in the modes we play: TS.

§3. Hacking/Cheating
§3.1 Hacking/Cheating/every helping tool, which is not legal in leagues, are NOT allowed in clan and on server.

§3.2 If you spot a cheater/hacker on our server report it to us by means of a forum post, or asking an admin to go to spec so that you can tell the admin, what you saw and who it was. That way the admin can take the appropriate measures to deal with that player.

§3.3 To report a hacker, post a demo in the forum, so we can review it (info on this can be found in the forum; Don't forget about the hacker's IP plz)

§4. Communications
§4.1 You need to have TeamSpeak3 - that is connected with having a mic. If players are in the scrim channel, it is not allowed to disturb them! (free download: http://www.teamspeak.com/)

§4.2 You should have an IRC Client and be active in our channel aswell (#sweetkillz)

§4.3 Because of the multi-nationality of this clan, you should speak english, while using the communication methods. (e.g. Forum, TS3, IRC, etc.)

§5. Member Identification
§5.1 Every clan member has only one clan-tag and Nickname.

§5.1.2 Clan Members(incl. Management, Scrim Squad): Sk|NICKNAME

§5.2 Costumes, masks and custom armband-colors are allowed, just like every other funstuff.

§5.3 Nicknames, connected with our tag, can not be changed, unless approved by a member of the management.

§5.4 The nickname used in the game must be the same as the forum login name

§6. Training
§6.1 When a date/time for a training is announced, every clan members (incl. recruits) has to participate. Otherwise write a notice of departure to the management before.

§6.2 An offense against §6.1 will cause punishments.

§7. Scrims/PCWs/Officials
§7.1 When there is a training-scrim, the selected players have to participate, otherwise write a notice of departure to the management or scrim-squad captain Sk|Rippin before.

§7.2 The participating members for the Officials (league) are the scrim-squad members. If they cant participate: same procedure as in §7.1. The line-up for the scrim squad is based on the decision of the squad leader!

§7.3 Behaviour: No contact to the clan without: "Hi", "gl and hf" and so on; the captain or the war-orga is the only on speaking, arranging, making ready and setting timeouts; be quit in TS3; dont spam, the team-score always stands above personal stats

§7.4 Sequence: Meet 1 hour before the scrim; participate on a possible warm-up scrim; tactic arrangement; scrim(attention on behaviour §7.3!); postprocessing of the war

§7.5 Rage-quits and map-exploits are NOT allowed.
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Clan Rules
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