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 weapon equip script

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weapon equip script Empty
PostSubject: weapon equip script   weapon equip script Icon_minitimeTue Jun 21, 2011 7:28 am


set getGear1 "ut_echo "^1>^zGear: ^5[LR/HE]";set getGear "vstr getGear2";set setGear "set gear "GLAORWA;"""
set getGear2 "ut_echo "^1>^zGear: ^5[LR300/LASER]";set getGear "vstr getGear3";set setGear "set gear "GLAARWV"""
set getGear3 "ut_echo "^1>^zGear: ^5[LR300/MEDKIT]";set getGear "vstr getGear4";set setGear "set gear "GLAARWT"""
set getGear4 "ut_echo "^1>^zGear: ^5[SR8/MP5K]";set getGear "vstr getGear5";set setGear "set gear "GZIARWA"""
set getGear5 "ut_echo "^1>^zGear: ^5[G36/HE]";set getGear "vstr getGear6";set setGear "set gear "GMAORWA"""
set getGear6 "ut_echo "^1>^zGear: ^5[M4/HE]";set getGear "vstr getGear7";set setGear "set gear "GeAORWA"""
set getGear7 "ut_echo "^1>^zGear: ^5[M4/LASER]";set getGear "vstr getGear1";set setGear "set gear "GeAARWV"""

set getGear "vstr getGear1"
set setGear "ut_echo "^5>^zGear: ^5Select Gear""
bind INS "vstr getGear" // Get the Gear.
bind HOME "vstr setGear" // Set the Gear.
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weapon equip script
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